Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:12-14 NKJV

My goals for your event:

  • to clearly and graciously teach God’s Word
  • to effectively minister to women in all stages of life (teen girls are welcome for most sessions)
  • to provide a relaxed, non-judgmental, hopeful atmosphere (and be prepared to laugh!)
  • to help your women take the next step in their walk with God
  • for each woman to be glad that she came, leaving refreshed with a renewed excitement about walking with God
  • above all, to glorify God and shine for Him in all I say and do

Where I’m Coming From:

I’m weird. I like public speaking! It wasn’t always thus, as I grew up very shy. What has made all the difference is God working in my life and having something I am passionate about: God’s wonderfulness! God has done great things! He has shown Himself to be powerful and personal through every trial.  Maybe you can identify with some of my experiences:

  • singleness (until age 30)
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • miscarriages
  • Lyme disease
  • financial struggles
  • marriage challenges
  • rebellious children
  • my own rebellious spirit
  • husband with health problems
  • helping aging parents
  • insecurities
  • broken friendships
  • toxic family members
  • fear
  • discontent

A few years ago I was starting to speak more often at ladies events. It was a joy to use my God-given gifts to encourage others. At the same time, my relationship with God seemed somewhat shallow. So, I asked Him to make our walk together more personal. Whatever it takes, Lord. I thought perhaps He would provide an exciting mission trip, give us another baby, or expand my speaking ministry! Yaya, bring it on! Instead, it took an unexpected and disturbing turn: Lyme disease.

I dreaded a life full of suffering and was so sad to be left “on the shelf.” I had to give up all extra ministries and could barely take care of my husband and children. Heartbreaking.

When I was at my lowest, my Abba Father surrounded me with His incomparable peace. I was so miserable, yet so content! He showed me in AMAZING WAYS that He is the Wonderful Counselor, on call 24/7/366. He transformed my mind and brought healing to my body. I am extremely grateful for my powerful and personal God.

How I Share

The foundation of each of my sessions is God’s Word. I LOVE my Bible! I like to use power point in my teaching, if it’s available. I’m very organized and will put my whole heart into providing a quality presentation. I respect your time and will provide meat, not fluff! You’ll hear personal stories and things I’ve learned from godly men and women. And, of course, I’ll bring along my own quirky humor. I’m not trying to mimic other speakers – God has given me my own one-of-a-kind personality to shine for Him.

I like to end each session with five minutes of silent, personal prayer and reflection. And, at the end of the very last session (if there are several sessions), the host pastor’s wife or teacher will open up the opportunity for personal testimonies. It is very good for us to share what God is teaching us!

Here are some of my favorite topics:

  1. God’s Power in the Life of a Mom  [Psalm 46; II Corinthians 12:9; II Peter 1:3]

    So many women feel incapable of doing what God has called them to do. Life is hard! So, we must choose to switch our gaze from self to God. He offers everything we need to be the kind of women He calls us to be.

    One or two sessions.

  2. “Set the Table” …  Leaving a Godly Legacy  [Psalm 78:4; 145:4]

    1. Leaving a Godly Legacy

    We need to recognize the astounding impact of our influence as women. We will unpack Psalm 46 and stand in awe of God! We will consider the value of refining our vision by prayerfully choosing a theme verse and/or coming up with a life mission statement.

    2. What’s in My Cupboards?

    Our hearts and minds can look like a jumbled kitchen cupboard. God cannot do what He wants to do in and through our lives unless we let Him declutter and replenish our cupboards with something far better. It may be painful initially, but no one ever regrets letting God remodel their lives!

    3. Home Sweet Home: Ministering to our family and church family

    4. Catering Business: God’s joy to our neighborhood, community, and the world

    Four sessions.

  3. Mom’s Smile = Rocks the World  [Proverbs 31:25]

    Developed around the Bible character Sarai/Sarah, we will explore joyful motherhood and it’s powerful influence on everyone around us. Specifically, something as simple as a smile can greatly help our family know God’s love in a personal way.

    One session.

  4. Reaching Out to Our Neighbors with God’s Love  [Matthew 22:36-39]

    How do you build a Jesus-heart for your neighbors? Or, maybe you already have the heart, but you don’t know what to do next? Simple things can be a really big deal in this hurry-scurry era. Ideas include how to pray-walk your street, show God’s love in practical ways, and (in God’s timing) start a neighborhood Bible study.

    One or two sessions.

  5. How to be a Good Wife and Mom In the Middle of Chronic Illness  [Proverbs 14:1; II Peter 1:3]

    How do you approach motherhood when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness? It can seem overwhelming to say the least!! This session is for women with chronic illness and for those who love them. I’d like to share how God adjusted my expectations, guided me to involve my young children in taking more responsibility,  and how we were able to enjoy one another through it all. And I have practical tips on how to cook for a family with various dietary restrictions. With God’s help, we can do this well.

    One or two sessions.

  6. Rubber-Meets-the-Road Faith: Trusting God In the Day to Day  [Proverbs 3:5-6; James 1:5]

    Oddly enough, in some ways it can seem easier to serve God in the middle of fiery trials. Yes, major trials are gut-wrenching. But, you have gobs of people praying for you, bringing meals, and sending cards. In contrast, what about the day-to-day mundane requirements of running a household? Does is seem like drudgery? Facebook is no help, especially when it seems like everyone else is going on a fabulous vacation or remodeling their kitchen! I have good news: homemaking can be filled with JOY! We can wash dishes, do laundry, change diapers, deal with teen attitudes, maneuver marriage disappointments, and welcome unexpected interruptions as a joyful soccer mom – with God’s strength and for His glory.

    One or two sessions.

  7. The Beauty of Biblical Mentoring  [Luke 1:39-45; Titus 2]

    God has blessed us with a church family, on purpose. Mentoring begins there, but it can stretch out into our neighborhood and community. What a blessed time we will have exploring the beauty of biblical mentoring!

    One or two sessions (including some small group brainstorming).

  8. Online Ministry  [I Peter 3:15]

    Yes, social media can be a time waster. But, as a very real part of our current era, it is difficult to ignore. Modern technology can be used to glorify God and encourage sisters in Christ. It can also be an avenue of sharing the certain hope we have in Christ. You can learn how to start and lead a Facebook ministry group and use technology for good, and for God!

    One session.

  9. God is Faithful! Thank You, God! – My Personal Testimony Through Depression, Anxiety, and Lyme Disease  [Psalm 73:26; Isaiah 9:6]

    The doctor couldn’t help. The counselor couldn’t help. But, my God could and did help, in a BIG way! I’d love to share the miraculous testimony of God working in my life through various trials (gifts in disguise). You will have a renewed appreciation of the role of God as Wonderful Counselor in your own life.

    One session.

  10. The Precious Jewel of Encouragement  [II Corinthians 1:3-5]

    Like my neighbor told me, “We aren’t comforted by God to make us comfortable. We are comforted by God so we can comfort others.” Contrary to the “support group” mentality (which has some virtues), God can help you encourage people going through things you’ve never experienced. That’s just how amazing God’s encouragement is! If you would like to learn how to become a more effective encourager, this would be a great session for you.

    One session.

  11. The Rose of Hospitality in a Thorny World  [John 1:38-39; John 4]

    Jesus is the perfect example of hospitality. I’d love to show you in Scripture what we can learn from Him, and how we can apply it inside and outside our home. Your home is an embassy of the King of Heaven! But, it doesn’t stop there: the heart of hospitality should go with us wherever we go. I’d also like to share practical, simple tips of homemaking and hospitality you can start using today.

    Two sessions: one teaching and one brainstorm/sharing session.

  12. Joyful Singleness  [I Corinthians 7:34-35]

    I was single until I was 30, and it was often a struggle. Why God? Why give me the desire to become a wife and mother and then leave me alone like this? God has a very precious relationship with singles (men and women), if we are willing. Along with some humorous stories, I’d like to share lessons I’ve learned from my own experiences and the examples of my single friends. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe you will leave encouraged!

    One session.

  13. Hosting Foreign Exchange Students  [Acts 1:8]

    We have hosted foreign exchange students in our home. A few years ago two precious girls (one Christian and one Muslim) lived with us for ten months each (not at the same time). We still keep in touch and they call me Mom. 🙂 It was a ministry we never anticipated, yet, God used it to teach us a million things. I’d love to share with you stories, experiences, and lessons learned. There will be laughter and there will be tears! It can help you consider the possibility of this very unique ministry.

    One session.

  14. To God Be the Glory: Helpful Tips for Church Pianists  [Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:23]

    I thank God continually for the gift of music. And I’m constantly grateful for my parents who invested in years of piano lessons for me. Their sacrifice paid off and their dreams of having me useful in God’s ministry came true! For 35 years I have had the joy and honor of serving God in music ministry in churches and schools as a pianist, piano teacher, choir leader, organist, violinist, flutist, and singer. And, my musical husband has led music in our church for 10+ years. I’d love to hang out with you, church pianists! I want to encourage you in your vital ministry, give you tips that have helped me over the years, and answer your questions. Pianists are greatly used of God to help our churches worship God!

    One session.

  15. Navigating Emotions  [I Samuel 1-2; Psalm 73:26; Ephesians 6]

    Up! 🙂 Down! 😦 Blah! : /  … What we feel like from day to day can be as uncomfortable as a polar bear swimming the Nile River or as awkward as a musk-ox in the middle of the Library of Congress! What place do emotions have in the life of a Christian? How do we tame our unruly emotions?  Truly, tender emotions can help us be good wives, mothers, teachers, and care-givers. But, in the midst of the spiritual war around us, there’s no doubt – we need God’s armor. I’d like to encourage you with biblical, practical suggestions for everyday life. Prepare to laugh, and bring your tissues. 🙂

    One session.

Contact Information: Form Below

Sara would be happy to prayerfully consider speaking to your ladies, as it fits into her family schedule. She prefers to teach a minimum of two sessions and a limit of four, preferably not on a Sunday. Worshiping with her family and church family is very important to her.

Please plan on paying for Sara’s traveling expenses. And, a free-will offering or guest speaker financial gift would be appreciated. Contact Sara today as her schedule for the year is filling up quickly!