“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” – Proverbs 25:11

Everyone has a story worth sharing. I want to hear your stories and share mine with you! If you are looking for a speaker for your next ladies’ event, I would love to join you!

What are you looking for in a speaker?

A woman who is imperfect but who loves and follows God?
Loves people?
Genuine, transparent, approachable?
Life-impacting illustrations?
Teaching with substance?
Doctrinally sound?
Common-sense tips for real life?
Biblical encouragement?
Easy to work with?

If so, then by God’s grace I’ve got you covered! I will also be happy to provide quality notes for all of my sessions, upon request.



I have been blessed with opportunities to share with groups ranging in number from 12 – 200 ladies in the following states (1996 – present):

– Washington
– Wisconsin
– Iowa
– Pennsylvania

Women on God’s Mission with Sara … Facebook Page:

Women on God’s Mission – Private Group on Facebook:



Women of all ages, primarily those with children at home
Teenage girls
Moms with chronic illness in the home
Weary moms
Single ladies
Church-based ladies retreat and other ladies events
School teachers or Children’s Ministry Teachers
Church pianists
Foreign exchange student moms (we’ve hosted two years)
International students


Favorite Topics


– Preparing for Marriage
– Marriage
– Preparing for Motherhood
– Motherhood/Family

– Fast-food at Home
– Homemaking: Keeping Up (Sanity) with your House Through Every Stage (tips for Moms with littles, homeschooling, working mom, seasons of illness, tweens/teens, empty nest)
– Hospitality: Simple & Sweet (People don’t want a perfect house!)

Relationship with God
– God’s Powerful and Personal Work in Our Lives
– The Peace of a Prayerful Life
– Waiting on God
– Looking for God in the Day-to-Day


Inexpensive, Meaningful Gift Ideas for …
– Birthdays
– Christmas
– Any Occassion
– “Just Because”

Health: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

– Wonderful Counselor: How God Pulled Me Out of Anxiety and Into a Life of Praise
– Living with Chronic Illness (You or Your Spouse)
– Start and End Your Day Right

Time Management
– Joy and Humor in the Day-to-Day Grind
– The Powerful Beauty of Routine

– Church Pianist Workshop
– Deacons’ Wives Seminar
– Encouragement for Pastors’ Wives

– Community Worker Appreciation Gift-giving and Encouragement
– Neighborhood Networking and Friendship
– How to Organize a Neighborhood Women’s Bible Study group

Wisdom Living
– Bible Teaching and Wisdom Living
– Manna Living: One Day at a Time
– God Never Wastes Anything

Teenage Girls
– Identity
– Modesty
– Encouragement for Teenage Girls
– D.O.V.E. – Deliverers of Virtuous Encouragement Club



Please contact me regarding your speaking needs. I will evaluate my schedule and try to make it work to be there for you! It would be my joy and honor to share with your group.



Pricing (2020)

One day, 1 session
$150 (less than 1 hour drive)
$200 (more than 1 hour)

One day, 2 sessions
$200 (less than 1 hour drive)
$300 (more than 1 hour )

Two Day Retreat (2 – 3 sessions)
$500 (less than 1 hour drive)
$650 (more than 1 hour)

Full weekend conference
$750 (less than 1 hour drive)
$800 (more than 1 hour)

Fees include/cover:
– driving expenses for nearby events (gas/vehicle upkeep)
– preparation time
– session notes (for you to print for attendees)
– valuable time spent away from my family

Fees do not include/cover:
– plane tickets
– lodging
– food costs during the event

Please ask about discounts for small churches/schools.

What you think is important to me. What's on your mind?

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