The Beginning

This blog begins with prayer, humility, and great anticipation, because I believe it’s what God wants me to do.  It’s not that I think I have any remarkable new insight, nor any flashy talent to entertain.  I can’t change anyone’s heart or make right choices for her.  God placed us right here, right now, for a reason.  And I wonder, how are we using the time He’s given us?  Are we wisely investing our energies and talents to make a difference for God’s glory?

My family (like you, no doubt) keeps very busy.  We home school our two young boys and keep trying to find a way to channel some of their boundless energy into our weary bodies.  This school year we delight in hosting a foreign exchange student from Ghana; our new teenage daughter/sister has worked her way into our hearts.  My husband and I seek to be full-time Christians wherever we are, which is impossible unless we walk with God daily, individually, and as a couple.  We are not near perfection, but God is growing us (Philippians 1:6), and we are very grateful to Him for His countless blessings, especially Jesus.

I’m writing this blog because I have to write.  No, my husband isn’t requiring this of me, nor is it a prerequisite to serving in our local church.  I’m not in graduate school or taking community college classes.  You see it’s simple – if I don’t write, after a while I start getting grumpy; after I write, well, I feel energized, peaceful, joyful.  That sounds like lame reasonong, but the more I stifle my urge to write, the more I realize this isn’t a fabricated fancy.  It’s not something to be placed on the shelf until I have more time – somehow God has given indications that He wants me to use this now.  The yearning to communicate with words just might be part of my intricate weavings (Psalm 139), thanks to my wonderful Creator God, of course.  Now I don’t say this to place any blame on Him for any thoughtless comment I may say.  Neither am I going to stop speaking completely just because I will fail you. 

The best thing I can do is to point you to Jesus.  He will never fail you.  He loves you so much He gave His only Son to die in your place.  What do you think about Jesus?  What is your life saying about what you think about God?

So, even if I am the only one impacted by my cyberspace scribbles, I know that it is something I must pursue.  And if someone else happens to be uplifted or challenged, I will be overjoyed … not because I did anything, but because I know He did something through me.  I love you, Jesus.


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