Good Soil Evangelism Overview

Last weekend I was privileged to take part in a Good Soil Evangelism training seminar. Having grown up in a Christian home, Bible teaching churches, a Christian school, and two Bible colleges, I have heard much about evangelism.  So, I was happily surprised to be challenged in my thinking.  The training I received made me stop and reconsider my audience and how better to communicate with them.

Here are a few points that stood out to me:

1.  Most of us are familiar with the Romans Road.  Where does it usually begin?  Romans 3:23 – “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  What is that presuming?  That my audience understands “sin” and “falling short,” as well as their belief in God’s existance.  Three chapters precede chapter three verse twenty-three, building a foundation to prepare the hearer to learn he is a sinner in need.  So, why do we usually start with Romans 3:23?  It may be perfect for someone with a Bible background, but this is becoming less and less common. 

2.  What about the question, “If you were to die today and stand before God, why should He let you into heaven?”  This presumes people believe in God, heaven and hell.  Again, to the typical adult, confusing.

3.  Sin.  Most people don’t know what it is. We laughingly discussed “sinfully delicious desserts” as sadly the most common use of the word “sin” in our society.  Or they may think of Bible beaters – people who condemn others with prideful self-absorbtion, yelling and pulpit pounding.

4.  They presented a useful overview to help us understand where people are spiritually and where to being helping them in their relationship with God.  Evangelism-Discipleship Scale

5.  We studied John 1 (where I have normally suggested people begin reading their Bible) from the eyes of someone with no knowledge of the Old Testament.  Shocking.

6.  We watched the following video about the Mauk Tribe of Papua New Guinea.  They had never heard of Jesus; they didn’t even know where they were in the world.  A missionary couple, who was discouraged by most because of their age, family size, and health problems, felt called to to PNG to share the truth.  I learned a lot from how they presented the Bible to this people which had no background in God’s Word.  All of us sat their and wept, realizing how blessed we are to know God’s Word!

7.  Also available is a book to help new believers:  The Way To Joy
Both The Story of Hope and The Way To Joy are available in several languages.  This program isn’t just another Evangelism Explosion.  It would be extremely beneficial in any church or small group in teaching Biblical evangelism.  Teacher instruction manuals are downloadable for free on their website.  I highly recommend Good Soil Evangelism. Click here to find out more:  Good Soil Evangelism

2 thoughts on “Good Soil Evangelism Overview

  1. The Story of Hope is not only good for unbelievers who have grown up in Godless, post-modern America, but also for new believers in our church who do not have a broad understanding of the “big picture” of God's revelation to man through history as set forth in the Bible. I've been priviledged to train with the author, and I've succesfully used the Story of Hope with a large refugee community here in the capital of our state. Sadly, many people within and without the church are “Biblically illiterate”. Matt. 28:19-20


  2. Thank you for the good mini-review. I am looking to attend the seminar and training and was just looking for more independent evaluations of it.


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