In Her Shoes – Missionary to South America

“Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You” (Psalm 119:11). What an amazing verse! I have a Bible study on Wednesday afternoons with two ladies from my neighborhood and this was one of the verses that we studied today as we studied about the importance of reading God’s Word daily.

When we started this Bible study, both ladies were unsaved and very embraced in their Catholicism. Over the course of a year, slowly, ever so slowly, God’s Word began to work in their hearts and eventually both of these dear ladies asked Jesus Christ to forgive them of their sins and become their Savior. Wow! Do I like being a missionary wife??? I LOVE being a missionary wife! I get to do this all the time!

My husband and I left the United States fourteen years ago to go to language school and frankly, I was scared to death. For my husband it was a breeze. He, being a missionary kid, was returning “home” for his dream come true of being a full time missionary. I, on the other hand, had dreamed of living next door to my parents and was only going to the mission field out of complete obedience to God because He had directly called me to serve Him in this way.

The first four years of serving as a missionary were very hard for me. In obedience to God I returned with my husband for our second four year term. This term was awesome! I saw God use me in small ways, and I saw God use my husband in HUGE ways! We returned to the States for a year break, and I began to beg God that he would “really” use my life and my children’s lives to draw people to Jesus Christ. God was already using my husband in amazing ways. With a passion I wanted God to use my children and me to reach the unsaved.

When we cry out to God, He answers. February 2010 we started our third term. God moved us into a neighborhood where everyone knows each other. Being a runner, I quickly became known as the “Gringa” that runs every day. God placed on my husband’s and my heart to start a church right in our neighborhood. He provided the building and now after a year and a half we have about ninety to one hundred people coming each Sunday. Many of these people are still not saved, but God is working in their hearts. There is so much to do. The needs are so overwhelming; but the awesome thing is that God is not just using my precious husband to reach the unsaved but He is using me also.

Just wait, that is not all … God has so blessed my life because He is using my dear children also. On Sunday afternoons, my oldest son and I have a Bible study with two boys his age from our church. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to my Lord for this privilege. To watch my son speak so gracefully in Spanish and to listen to him answer their questions with such knowledge is a beautiful gift from my God.

On Sunday after our Bible study with these two young men, my son looked at me and said, “I do think that I would like to be a pastor.” He then with a laugh said, “That is after I am a professional soccer player.”

Soccer. Now there is a story. For years my husband and I prayed for a soccer ministry. We never dreamt that we would reach soccer players thru the life of our son. Our oldest son started playing competitive soccer at age four. Three years ago, he joined a very competitive team that plays all year and practices every day but Sunday.  In 2011, thru his testimony and our family’s testimony ten of his soccer friends accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Many of these boys would come to our house and stay the entire weekend. It was amazing. In that same year different teammates began living with us. This gave us amazing opportunities to disciple these boys. This continues to this day as one of his teammates still lives with us. This young man was saved a year ago and continues to grow while being a part of our family on a daily basis.
In January, our son had to train in a town about twenty-two hours away. As he and his teammates were loading the bus, a mom came running over to our son. With tears in her eyes she begged our son to tell her son about Jesus. She said, “He listens to you, please don’t stop telling him about Jesus. He will listen to you.” Two weeks after returning from his trip this young man came to our son at practice one day and said, “I finally asked Jesus to be my Savior and it was because of you and all you said to me.” AMEN!!! 


Do I wish to live next door to my parents? Yes. Do I wish to have a Target down the road? Yes. Do I wish to be able to take my kids on fancy, fun vacations? Yes. Would I trade my life for all that. NO, not at all! I LOVE serving the Lord on the mission field and I will forever be thankful that God has given me this life!!!

(Update: “The Bible study on Sunday afternoon that I spoke of that I do with my oldest son … the two boys in that study got saved on Sunday after the study.  It was awesome.”)


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