Children’s Ministry Resource Bible

This treasure recently came to my attention …

Developed with Child Evangelism Fellowship, this study Bible abounds with the riches of God’s Word and additional helpful tools to help us communicate God’s truth to our precious young people.  It would be helpful for parents, school teachers, homeschooling families, Sunday school teachers, Bible club helpers, and church children ministry leaders. 
This Bible has many helpful components:
  • Thousands of Footnotes that clarify important Bible terms, phrases, and ideas.  They provide you with cultural and historical background and insights on Bible people and events.
  • Teacher Training Sections that help you learn how to communicate important Bible lessons in a kid-friendly manner.
  • Lesson Outlines that take selected Bible stories and break them down into an Introduction, Progression of Events, Climax, and Ending.  Each is prefaced with a Teacher’s Objective and Child-Related Truth.
  • Full-Page Articles that address foundational skills for evangelizing and discipling children.
  • The Wordless Book, that presents the gospel message in a way children can understand.
  • Full Bible Text in the New King James translation.
Since I purchased this for our home school, I have been impressed with the many helpful charts, subject index, the concordance, and the pronunciation guide.  It includes maps and the usual “Harmony of the Gospels,” as well as time lines, etc.!  This helpful tool makes things clearer to me so that I can more effectively communicate God’s Word to our boys.
To find out more, look here.

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