Good-bye Lyme

I don’t know when this journey started, exactly. Tick bite? Blood transfusion? You know I found out about my diagnosis in November 2014, and it’s been a TOUGH journey. But, I am happy to report that God has provided a way up and out of Lyme. When my health fell apart I went through several diets, doctors, protocols, supplements, etc. It wasn’t until October 2015 that I really found what works for me. Now that I’ve had success with it for a few months, I think I’m ready to share it with you.

Last summer I had definitely seen some improvement. But, with all that was going on with our family, I burned myself out and ended up contracted mono in August. It was frightening to digress, and I honestly didn’t know how I could continue homeschooling.

Through a very giving person, God provided tuition for the boys to attend a Christian school. It was terribly difficult to let them go, but it was part of God’s good plan for our family. Going to school has been very beneficial for our young men. They have had a chance to spread their wings and put into practice what we’ve taught them. It has been excellent for them and building of their faith to trust God and obey Him away from home. More about that later.

Last fall, whenever I looked into the mirror, I could tell that I wasn’t healthy. My hair and nails confirmed that. And I just didn’t have any zip. Actually, my energy was zip. To make a long story short, God introduced me to someone who told me about testing called RBTI. In a nutshell, it is urine and saliva testing that determines what minerals your body is lacking. Once you replenish the right minerals, your body recovers and all the bad stuff falls away.

Instead of a “germ” theory – “Let’s kill all the germs and get well!” – it is called a “health” theory. Coming closer to perfect numbers (seven tests in all, including urine sugar level, urea, calcium, etc.), your body heals and, in my case, the Lyme has gone dormant.

As long as I follow the protocol, I feel really good, with an occasional bad day. But, everyone has those. The main things are simple!

  • Avoid: chocolate (clogs kidneys), tea (ditto), pork (too acidic and parasite ridden – even heat doesn’t kill them), nuts (except coconut, boiled peanuts, and pine nuts), white rice (brown instead), white potatoes (sweet are okay), white flour and white sugar (duh), popcorn (other corn products are okay, including of all things: corn syrup GASP), cream and butter (I use a little), and salt (minerals imbalance the body, amongst other things).This list might seem demanding, but it’s a walk on the beach compared to diets I’ve been on! Every two weeks I get a customized food list for the next two weeks. There are three different levels. I started at D/E, then moved up to B/C, and then triumphantly entered level A (until I was contaminated by pork at a restaurant). But, if I digress, I know there is an easy way to turn it around, and quickly.
  • Drink distilled water. Distilled?! I admit, at first I felt like an iron. That’s all we used it for when I was growing up! The idea is that distilled water is empty water: emptied of all impurities, minerals, parasites, and metals. It acts like a sponge, detoxing the body while it hydrates. And I have to drink five sips every 30 minutes from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. After that it’s skim milk. Here’s more cool facts and quotes about distilled water.
  • Timed eating. Okay, so I can’t have any fruit or other sugars after 2 p.m. Ditto with meat. It has helped me sleep SOOO much better not to be digesting meat at night!
  • Supplements. The man who tests me has thousands of hours of training in this method. By doing seven tests he can determine what minerals my body needs. There are a few different types of calcium to choose from. Currently I’m on vitamin b6 and b12 (I wasn’t able to absorb them when I started), vitamin E, calcium, iron drops (in my lemon water), and kelp.
  • Lemon water. Every day I squeeze one large or two small lemons in a quart jar. I add a tablespoon and a half of sweetener (maple syrup, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, or unsulphered blackstrap molasses) and fill the jar with distilled water. Currently I’m adding iron drops. I sip every 30 minutes alternating with plain distilled water.

That’s about it. I’m very blessed to have someone nearby to do my testing. It is a rare find. I’m contemplating learning to do the testing myself. The process was designed to be able to be done in the typical family home.

After two weeks on this protocol I felt like I had more energy than I’d had in two years. I’ve had some bad days, but they keep getting fewer and fewer. I can’t thank God enough for providing a simple and inexpensive (it costs about $100/month) way to live my life. I feel like I have been given a new chance at life, and I want to honor God with every day He gives me!

If you’d like to research more about RBTI or see if there is someone in your area who has been trained in it, here are some resources (Warning: this is really different than anything you have probably heard of before. And it may seem wacky: but there is nothing spiritual or unnatural about the treatments.): (Disclaimer: I am not promising that RBTI will heal anyone reading this blog, nor do I support 100% of Challen Waychoff’s methods. My tester says that “90% of what you find online about RBTI is false.” I’m learning and discovering new things about the “health” method all the time.)


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