Joy From the Inside Out

Blessed, I am!  Yet, I know I am not alone in my struggle to enjoy every moment of motherhood.  I love my boys, but sometimes I feel like I'm going to go crazy.   You know what I'm talkin' about. A couple of weeks ago my boys were having at it.  After much prayer I read through I Corinthians … Continue reading Joy From the Inside Out

Push the Pause Button: Taking Time to Evaluate

At this very moment I am enjoying a rare moment of bliss.  My laptop, Bible, calendar and I are sitting at a local coffee shop, in an air conditioned room with, ironically, a cozy fireplace flickering nearby.  It is doing it's job well, relaxing me while I sip a blueberry Italian soda, nibble an M & M cookie, and reflect on … Continue reading Push the Pause Button: Taking Time to Evaluate