Saturday Fun Supper Ideas (AIP)

Saturday evening used to be party time at our house.  We would pull out the air popper and make glorious bowls of buttery popcorn!  We would slice apples and make caramel dip out of blocks of cream cheese.  Ahhh.  What to do?!?  Yesterday we came up with some fun foods and a fun way to eat them. Tim had set up his grandpa’s electric train in the play room, so we sat around the choo-choo with our platters and toothpicks in hand.  We had a jolly little supper together!


1 1/2 lb. antibiotic-free bacon

3 black plantains

Olives (can/jar from refrigerator)

Sea Salt (I like Selina brand – very nutritious and helpful for exhausted adrenals.  I found Selina grey sea salt for just $1.99 per pound at our new Fresh Market this week!)



1.)  I fried the bacon in my new electric skillet (it makes it so much easier, because it’s square.)  I put the bacon on a plate and covered it with a paper towel.  Normally I would’ve put it in the oven on “warm” but I felt too lazy to go to that much work.

2.)  With the skillet still medium hot, I added the sliced plantains.  I let them cook for a few minutes until they were gloriously browned and ready to flip for an even tanning.  They soaked up most of that glorious bacon fat.  Sizzle-sizzle YUM!  We like that caramelized gooiness, with just a touch of crispy/chewy on the outside.

3.) Open the can/jar of olives and rinse, placing on a paper towel to dry.  If you’re feeling creative, set the olives in the shape of a smiley face or heart.  Put it all on a tray with your favorite sea salt shaker (and lots of love) and take ‘er to the party room.  And WALAA, we had supper!

Obviously this isn’t rocket science.  But it was big to us.  Since we are new to this lifestyle, it is important to retain the fun.  Eating the plantain with toothpicks was fun, and fingers worked great for the bacon.  And who can possibly resist putting black olives on fingers as finger puppets?


What are your new fun foods?  Please do share in the comments below! 🙂



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